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Zoom Zoom Energy & Weight Loss Drink Mix

$35.00 USD

Our Energy & Weight Loss Drink Mix is a proprietary blend of these powerful energy enhancing and weight loss ingredients*:


Green Coffee Bean Extract
This potent extract derived from green coffee has taken the weight loss industry by storm. It is believed to be a natural appetite suppressant and assists controlling cravings for carbs.*

In Brazil, guaraná (pronounced Gwa rha nah) is everywhere…in jellies, pastries, soda and delicacies. This delicious berry, tastes like a cross between raspberries, strawberries and cranberries, but it is it’s ability to energize and increase stamina may assist in helping to maintain a healthy weight.*

Asian societies have used ginseng for centuries, believing it to be a powerful aphrodisiac, as well as useful in aiding in weight control, and assisting in memory improvement, concentration and possibly expediting recovery time after injuries.*

Green Tea Extract
Prized for its high anti-oxidant concentration, green tea has been used for centuries to aid digestion and improve overall wellness, and many believe it can help support healthy weight goals.*

Vitamin B-6
Assists with maintaining healthy brain and nerve function, forming red blood cells and digesting proteins.*

Vitamin B-12
May help convert carbohydrates to energy, aid in nervous and digestive system maintenance, and more.*

Vitamin C
May help protect against immune deficiencies and improve overall skin health.*