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About Us

Time to become a healthier you

At BrandNu U Health & Wellness, Inc. We are just as committed to your good health as you are. We established this company with the mission to provide effective products that will assist you in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. We sell weight loss, healthy daily function, and detox products.

Clinically Researched Formulas

Each product available at the BrandNu U Health & Wellness store is the result of extensive research. Every formula has been clinically researched to guarantee it is effective, beneficial, and safe. We prioritize your health above all and never provide products we aren’t sure about.

Safe & Effective

The market lacks good and reliable options when it comes to weight loss products. Many products are ineffective and many that are effective can be harmful. We wanted to provide a safe, reliable and fully effective range of products so that anyone who thinks of going on a weight loss journey can trust BrandNu U to be there for them.

Ideal for anyone on a weight loss journey

We know many people today are on the journey to weight loss because they want to look, feel, and be better than ever. At BrandNu U Health & Wellness, Inc, we wish to a play a major part in encouraging people to opt for a healthier lifestyle, which is why our products are ideal for most adults on a weight loss journey. We seek to show you that with us, healthy weight loss is entirely possible!